Tuesday, 6 October 2009

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Sunday, 1 March 2009


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Tuesday, 28 October 2008

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GALLERY LINK - I bought some beer and was going back to the car. Then I saw her... she was a shy girl at a first sight. Suddenly I felt that my little friend wants her. I decided to close her and know her name. She did't tell.. My friend Alan came to help me and lead het to the car. We took her to deserted building sit and promised to give her some cash. The girl wasn't in a great delight but didn't resist much also. Then Alan started fucking her. I didn't want to lose this chance (as I did last time) and joined them. Ha-ha, we didn't pay her.. decided that some juice would be enough!

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Saturday, 27 September 2008

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Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Lina Gets Boozed and Wild

GALLERY LINK - I always like to catch lonely girls walking alone and drinking beer as they are a little boozed, that’s for sure, and ready for some incidental acquaintance. I met this pretty brunette as she was walking in her sexy black dress with a bottle of beer in her hands. And it was she who talked to me first! She asked why I was shooting her and I asked her for help. I was a stranger in that town and she willingly agreed to be my personal guide and show the centre. We were walking and talking when suddenly I felt she was already in that playful mood when talks about sex don’t seem so intimate and revealed. And what’s more, I offered her a definite sum of money that wouldn’t be odd for her as Lina (that was her name) was a usual student. Less words, more action - that’s my slogan, and soon she brought me to the trashy corner of the park and willingly showed everything we were talking about before! Her perfect body was naked and after a good suck I crazily probed that tight slit I was dreaming about.

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Monday, 22 September 2008

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GALLERY LINK - What made me stop when I was walking by this blonde chick? Her puzzled look I believe. I was really curious to find out what made her dump face look that thoughtful :) And it turned out that her friend called in the last moment saying that she wouldn’t show up and my new acquaintance with a really nice name Margo couldn’t decide what she should do next. As you might have guessed I had a plan for her… So we moved to a place where she thought we couldn’t be seen and Margo sucked my dick like a champion and fucked like a pro! You must hear her squealing!

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GALLERY LINK - Let me tell you something: It’s not that easy to convince a babe to join you for a picnic in the woods when you don’t even have some sandwiches to share ;) But yes, I did it again! I promised her a trip like no other in her life and sex with her cost every effort I spent persuading… First we did it in the car: my cock explored her dirty mouth and when we finally got out of it I heavily thrashed her on the hood. She (let me call her Mimi, she asked not to use her real name) liked it so much that I couldn’t but unload in her greedy mouth!

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